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Sophia Van Dyk is a photographer and director with a background in fine art photography and alternative printing processes. Her expertise and passion is lighting, which you can see represented throughout her portfolio. She finds inspiration by looking around everyday: how sunlight can bounce off a sky scraper and become softer, how the street lamp creates night time shadows inside, and so on. You'll find her using some unconventional ways of lighting in her test shoots just to expand the creative mind. This artist mindset blends with technical skills honed after several years of working in commercial studios shooting every material like glass, metal, textiles in detail and large spaces. Shooting and directing videos and stop motion is a new focus on many shoots with many projects in the works and ahead. Currently, she travels frequently across the Eastern Seaboard, traveling between NYC and Atlanta, shooting commercially for brands, boutiques and magazines. 


Clients include:

West Elm 

Bed Bath and Beyond



All Modern


Town and Country Living

Decor Maine

Eater Atlanta

The Line Studios


Tamworth Distillery

Quaker City Mercantile

Alliance Bernstein

Zero Cool

Little Bear

Larakin Wine Bar

Equity Residential


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